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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mortgage rates changing?

Mortgage rates at some lenders spiked by as much as 1 percent Wednesday and saw little relief Thursday, according to mortgage brokers. "The 4.75 percent my broker quoted two weeks ago?

It is not likely to find that now. The fear dogging homeowners and investors alike is that April's record lows in mortgage rates may have come and gone. Mortgage rates have rebounded sharply over the past few days as the nation's growing debt raises concerns that government-backed assets could lose value. It's a trend that could slow refinancing and home buying. Higher mortgage rates won't necessarily derail the economy's recovery, analysts say, but it certainly won't help.

The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 4.91 percent this week, Freddie Mac said Thursday.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Property Assessments are in the mail

Many of my friends have been asking me about their taxes on their houses and what to do if they think they are too high. Below is an article that should help. If anyone has additional help for people let me know.

Property Assessments are in the mail.
You may want to file a protest if you think your assessment is not accurate. Owners of 5.5 percent of the 2.3 million properties in Colorado filed protests in 2007, a 30 percent jump from 2005. Even more protests are expected this year.
There is no ability in the state of Colorado to protest your property taxes, states the property tax administrator at the Colorado Division of Property Taxation ( JoAnn Groff). What you have the opportunity to do is protest the value of the property.
If you want to file a protest, you need to do it by the June 1st deadline. They can be made by mail or phone, and in some counties via fax, by e-mail, or online.
It is easy to challenge factual errors such as a property’s square footage, the number of rooms, or a supposedly finished basement that is not finished. More challenging is contesting the value assessors have placed on a home, especially in a volatile real estate market.
One of the most common mistakes people make in disputing valuations is to compare the recent sales or appraisals with their property. Assessors review sales over an 18-month period that ended June 30th, 2008. Information after that can’t be in the appeal.
Finding comps can be tricky. One of the key tasks in a protest is using good comparable home-sales numbers. On-line real estate sites have current sales figures to calculate valuations and aren’t very useful. A new website, offers Colorado homeowners a free valuation analysis. They charge $49.95 to those who want to lodge a protest with the website’s help. Another However, you can file this complaint on your own as well.
Another helpful website is
This information is from an article in the Denver Post – May 2nd, 2009
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