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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Every time I work with a Buyer or Seller they ask about Title Insurance.  I find it can be very confusing, so I have a description of the two kinds of Title Insurance below and why they exist. 
Title Insurane Descriptions 

If you have recently purchased or refinanced a home, chances are you have had to get title insurance. Basically, title insurance protects you against problems affecting the title to your home. There are two types of title insurance—a Loan Policy, and an Owner’s Policy. A Loan Policy protects the lender for the amount of the loan, while the Owner’s Policy protects you, the homeowner, for your investment in the property—your equity. In both cases, the title process covers an exhaustive search of public records to make certain the title to the subject property is clear, and covers against future loss if a claim against the property is made. While discovering an issue with your title can seem rather remote, one out of every four title searches reveals a problem with the title. Examples include tax liens, forged signatures in the chain of title, recording errors, title search errors, undisclosed easements, and title claims by missing heirs and/or ex-spouses. Fortunately, these problems would be uncovered in a title search before you even close on your home. 
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WOW, Look at how the Real Estate marketin is changing !!

AS OF AUGUST 31, 2012

Based Based

On Properties On Properties

This report summarizes the sales of

Under Contract Closed

residential real estate units during the

reported-on period. Please note:

This Month 5,196 4,685

Last Month 5,236 4,618

1) The reported units have been

Percentage Change - 0.8% + 1.5%

adjusted for the calendar month

(as defined by MLS cut-off dates each

This Month, Last Year 4,537 3,973

month) in order to put such periods on

Percentage Change, + 14.5% + 17.9%

a comparable basis.

Compared To This Year

2) Under Contract units reflect

Year to Date, This Year 40,348 31,163

those properties reported as "under

Year to Date, Last Year 33,485 26,643

contract" during the period - i.e., a

Percentage Change + 20.5% + 17.0%

binding contract was executed

between buyer and seller.

3) Closed units reflect the passing

of title. The close date generally lags

30-90 days behind the under contract


date and is often distorted by many

outside factors unrelated to the extent

This Month 10,826

of real estate activity.

This Month, Last Year 16,631

Percentage Change - 34.9%

This representation is based in whole or in part

This Month 10,826

on data supplied by Metrolist, Inc. Neither the

Last Month 10,827

member Boards of Realtors nor their MLS

Percentage Change - 0.0%

guarantees or is in any way responsible for its

accuracy. Data maintained by the Boards or


their MLS may not reflect all real estate activity

in the market.

This Month 11.08%

This Month, Last Year 6.30%


Family Condos Residential

This Month $285,692 $183,359 $311,893

Last Month $288,884 $190,269 $312,920

This Month, Last Year $260,821 $168,050 $284,065

Year to Date Average, This Year $277,567 $175,660 $302,329

Year to Date Average, Last Year $257,436 $158,593 $281,964


Condos Residential

This Month $148,950 $262,000

Last Month $154,000 $259,000

This Month, Last Year $130,000 $235,000

Year to Date Median, This Year $138,900 $250,000

Year to Date Median, Last Year $124,000 $229,950

The above representation may or may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

© 2012 Garold D Bauer, All Rights Reserved, Information Deemed Reliable But Not Guaranteed
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