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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Most Important Maintenance & Greatest Return on Investment

Hello: When I post information I usually site an article that I believe will be of interest to you from a Real Estate Perspective. Today, I am sending a more personal I have written about "Life Maintenance.".... Hope you Enjoy!

I read once that the number one cause of house fires is from not changing the lint filter in your dryer...So... after every load of laundry, I clean out the lint filter. I was told my airconditioner and furnace would run much more efficiently if I replace the the filter frequently...SO... I replace them frequently. I know that if I do not water my lawn frequently, I won't have a lawn to water...SO... I water my lawn frequently. I was told if I don't change the oil in my car every 3,000 to 5,000 miles I might have to replace the engine...SO...I change my oil about every 3,000 miles.

My relationship with my husband is much more important to me than the material "things" that I constantly do maintenance on in my life. So... one day, a long time ago... I decided it was important to develop a maintenance program for our relationship. Once I did this... I decided that I needed a maintenance program for "all" my relationships in my life...OR... I might not have these relationships in my life to maintain for long. I am constantly amazed at how many things in our life we spend time and money on to maintain... BUT when it comes the MOST important things in our lives "relationships" we think we can just get by. Well...not me. I spend a great deal of time and effort in "maintaining" the important relationships in my life. I "plan" daily things that I can do to maintain these relationships. It could be as simple as... when someone is talking to me I am looking them in the eyes and consciously paying attention to what they are saying. This might sound like no big deal... BUT years ago when someone was talking to me I spent the time thinking about what "I" was going to say, not consciously listening to them. Like most of us, I do not have much extra time in my day, So... one thing I have found to maintain these relationships that takes very little time, is leaving a voicemail letting them know I am thinking about them. (I leave the voicemail when I know they wont' be home). I could go on and on and on... BUT the point is.... I make a conscious effort to maintain these relationships because they are more important than the material things in my life and MUCH MUCH more difficult to find once I lose them!!!!