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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello Everyone: Need something to do in Colorado for the 4th of July... check out below.

4th of July Events:
It’s time again to celebrate and honor the independence of our nation and in Denver there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate. With all that’s going on it may be hard to decide where to go and what to do. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do, consider some of the following great Independence Day events. The Colorado Rapids 4th of July Celebration Perhaps the best fireworks and entertainment show on Independence Day will be held at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. This is the Rapids forth annual 4th of July Celebration and the festivities at this event will include live music, food and games. At the conclusion of the game their will be an unforgettable fireworks show, the biggest firework show in the state. The Rapids will be playing the Chicago Fire. Denver Outlaws vs. Boston Cannons 4th of July Celebration Another great 4th of July event to consider is the big game between Denver Outlaws vs. Boston Cannons taking place on July 4, 7:00p.m. at INVESCO Field at Mile High. Not only will you see an exciting lacrosse game, but right after the game there will be an in-stadium fireworks show! Special ticket package for the night is a ticket and a day pass to Elitch Gardens for only $29! Call 303-OUTLAWS or visit for more information. Old-Fashioned July 4 Celebration Four Mile Historic Park’s traditional festivities with music, games and more! The celebration takes place in Four Mile Historic Park on July 4, from 10 AM to 4 PM and the cost is $7.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors and kids under 5 get in free.
The Colorado Symphony Orchestra is going to throwdown at 7pm on July 3rd in City Park with selections from Aaron Copland, Scott Jopllin, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and of course some Sousa marches. Then at 7:30pm on the 4th, the CSO will perform much of the same program at Fiddler’s Green Ampitheatre in Englewood with the addition of some music from John Williams and Leonard Bernstein. Finally, on Sunday the 5th, the peripatetic CSO will play at Red Rocks with a more classically oriented schedule. They will, however, still rock the closing with the rousing 1812 Overture/Stars and Stripes Forever combo. That’s good stuff.
Coors Field– Rockies vs. Diamondbacks, July 3-5. It doesn’t get more American than baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks. Even better, depending on where you get your seats, the hot dogs may wind up being the most expensive part.
The 19th annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival takes place July 3-5 (from 2nd to 3rd between Clayton and Steele). It showcases the visual, culinary and performing arts, is FREE, and will host 350,000 visitors over the three day event. It’s a treat to mix with international visual artists, sample fine cuisine, visit special exhibits and artist demonstrations. Also, please note there will be a specially designated diaper changing station with supplies located on Milwaukee Street. So stop cleaning junior’s bottom in the glass-blowing tent. No good can come of that.
Red Rocks– Wilco will play the venerable amphitheater on Friday, July 3rd, followed by Blues Traveler (plus Lewis Black) and fireworks on the 4th, and then the aforementioned CSO on Sunday the 5th. I don’t want to slight any of previous events, but you really can’t beat Red Rocks. For anything. Let alone the 4th of July.
Here is a great website for many more 4th of July events and activities:
OR check this site out:,0,114704.story

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF - Actually it has been a really FUN week for me. So.... thought I'd end it with a little fun for my readers. Below are Real Estate Trivia Questions and answers. Have fun.

Real Estate Trivia Questions:
1. What is the most common street name in the U.S.A.
2. Where does the phrase “dirt poor” come from?
3. Where does the phrase “thresh hold” come from?
4. Where in the United States will you find the largest concentration of million-dollar homes?5. Where does the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs” come from?

Real Estate Trivia Answers:
1. Second Street ranks as the most common street name. First Street is not number one because many "First" streets are called "Main" Street.
2. At one time in history, only the wealthy had something other than dirt floors. Hence the saying "dirt poor."
3. In the past, some wealthy homeowners had slate floors that would get slippery in the winter when wet. To keep their footing, they spread thresh (straw) on the floor. As the winter wore on, they would add more and more thresh until it would literally overflow outside through the door. To keep the thresh in place, a piece of wood was commonly placed in the entrance. Hence the saying a "thresh hold."
4. There are almost 314,000 million-dollar homes in the United States, and 41% of these are located in California.
5. Houses use to have thatched roofs-thick straw piled high with no wood underneath. The soft thatching combined with the warmth of the house made an ideal place where animals could go to get warm. When it rained, the roof would became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof. Hence the saying, "It's raining cats and dogs."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Avoid Foreclosure

Even though I am now a Real Estate Agent - Many people I know are aware that I am a former Recruiter and still come to me about questions around employment, or most recently UNEMPLOYMENT. Many people are asking me what they can do about making their mortgage payments to prevent foreclosure now they or their spouse is unemployeed. Below is a bit of HOPE.

Avoid Foreclosure:
What Is HOPE NOW?:
HOPE NOW is a cooperative effort between the government and lenders to help homeowners who may not be able to make higher mortgage payments after their interest rate resets. HOPE NOW works with 26 lenders, which represent 70% of all lenders, and 90% of subprime mortgage lenders. In December 2007, HOPE NOW members agreed on a set of industry-wide standards.
Between July 2007 and December 2008, HOPE NOW helped 3.2 million homeowners avoid foreclosures.
How Can HOPE NOW Help You?:
HOPE NOW counselors can help a borrower learn how to talk to their lender about negotiating a loan workout. This could result in a loan modification, which is when the bank agrees to an alteration in the original loan contract. This would mean a reduction in the interest rate, forgiveness of a portion of principal or extension of the maturity date of the loan.
The other option is a repayment plan. This would allow the borrower to become current and catch up on missed payments that are appropriate to the borrower’s circumstances.
Either result is better than just allowing your home to go into foreclosure.
How to Contact HOPE NOW:
To contact HOPE NOW counselors, call 1.888.995.HOPE. This will connect you to a counseling organization. The counselors provide borrowers with in-depth debt management, credit counseling and overall foreclosure counseling. All counselors are HUD certified and services are free of charge. They will help you understand your situation, identify your options and help you work with your servicer to hopefully find an alternative to foreclosure.
You can also visit a HUD certified counseling agency in your state.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Home Affordable Program

What Is the Making Home Affordable Program?: The Treasury Department launched the Making Home Affordable Program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Treasury also created a new website to help mortgage-holders find out if they qualify for the government's loan modification program. The website,, provides an interactive self-assessment tool that also calculates potential reductions in monthly mortgage payments. (Source: U.S. Treasury Dept. Press Release, March 19, 2009)
How the Making Home Affordable Program Works: This program helps homeowners before they get behind in their payments. Most banks won't allow a loan modification until the borrower misses three payments. To qualify, your mortgage must be
Worth more than the home is worth.
Issued before January 1, 2009.
Less than $729,750.If you are eligible, you will have to provide your most recent tax return, two pay stubs, and an "affidavit of financial hardship." The web site also explains what to do if you are not eligible. For more info, go to
This article came from June 2, 2009 author: Kimberly Amadeo