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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Estate Term of the Day: FLASH SALE –

 a listing that goes under contract within 24 hours of its being placed on the market.

 Denver has had 115 Flash Sales within the last 5 months and we expect to see many more as "Buying Season" heats up while our inventory remains depleted.

According to Redfin Denver was in the top 9 cities across the country for having FLASH SALES!

The inventory in the Metro Denver Market is still the lowest it has been in many years. 

What a GREAT time to sale your home. 

This month I  had buyers that put an offer down on a home that was on the market for 24 hours and the seller had received 5 offers total.  Because of the creative offer we developed I was able to get my buyers under contract on this home!

Trends show prices will continue to rise and interest rates will continue to rise, so if you are thinking about buying a home NOW is the time before you end up paying higher interest rates and higher prices and get less of a home than you can buy now.

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