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Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello Everyone: Has anyone taken their laptop in to be updated and when you got it back you could not use many of the functions??? Seems to always happen to me. I just had my laptop updated and they did a fantastic job, I would definitely recommend them. HOWEVER, there are several things I am still working on.... Like I am now unable to cut and paste articles into my blog !!! Not too happy about that. I want to apoligize to all those who follow my blog and anticipate my article. I will hopefully have this issue resolved soon.

Overall business is good in the Metro Denver area. The market below $220,000 seems to be pretty hot and beginning to be a sellers market more so than the higher end houses. In the fix and flip area anything below $200,000 seems to be getting offers within 24 to 48 hours and MULTIPLE OFFERS. It's a little crazy. My husband and I have put down a few offers and so far we keep getting overbid. I have been advising my regular buyers who are looking for homes below $220,000 to move quickly if they can. There is nothing worse than finding that DREAM HOME and not being able to purchase it because you moved too slow. Houses above $350,000 are sitting on the market and still seem to be more of a buyers market. It also depends a great deal on location. It is also VERY important to contact a Mortgage company and get prequalified - this gives you a little edge over others giving offers on a house. As usual, LOVING my job!!

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