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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Denver Real Estate Market a Sellers Market ??

Hello Everyone: Yep it's true in some price ranges it IS a seller's market in Metro Denver. True story... Today, this morning I submitted an offer for a buyer I have on a condo which is below $200,000. In one day the seller received THREE offers (one was ours). We are waiting this evening to see what the seller wants to do. This is not abnormal for properties under $200,000 as I mentioned in my last blog posting. So... if you are a buyer it might not be a bad idea to give your BEST offer in your FIRST offer and not wait to negotiate. You may never get a chance to negotiate if several offers are submitted to a seller in one day. I would suggest that you, as a buyer, are very clear on what your MUST HAVE list is and when you find it - Give a good offer and not low ball the offer. If you are not clear on what your MUST HAVE's are and you are still working with your Real Estate Agent, maybe, just maybe you need to be working with someone who spends enough time with you to find out what they are by asking you questions you might not have thought of. That is our job as your Agent - if we are doing our jobs right.... we will be able to ask questions you have not thought of. If you want to brainstorm about what you are looking for email me...

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